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Health & Nutrition


Helping to keep dogs healthy starts with a well-cared for digestive system, and it’s important that this good digestive health begins in puppyhood. Puppies must develop good digestive health early so they have the nutrients they need to grow up big and strong.

To maintain their health, puppies need three times more calories per kilo of food than adult dogs. They also need more vitamins, protein and minerals. PRO PLAN® DOG with OPTISTART™ contains the nutrients a growing puppy needs, whether they are a large breed puppy, a small breed puppy, or a medium sized one. Puppy health begins with the food they eat, so to give them a good start in life, provide them with a food for their young digestive system.


Watch your young puppy for any signs of discomfort which may relate to food sensitivity; diets are available to help support puppies with sensitive stomachs. You can read more about caring for your dog’s sensitive digestion in our article.

In your puppy’s first five months, their natural defences won’t be fully matured yet, so they are may be more susceptible to things like stomach upsets. Good dog health care during this period can make all the difference to having a strong and healthy adult dog for years to come.

When your dog is older than five months, they may still need support for their digestive system for a number of reasons. There are many reasons why your dog might develop an upset; if you want to know more, you can ask your vet for additional dog health advice.


We call the first five months of your puppy’s life the ‘immunity gap’ because during this time your puppy is more vulnerable to digestive upsets, such as decreased efficiency in nutrient digestion or microflora imbalance in the gut.

Optimal nutrition, such as that found in a puppy-specific food, can help bridge the immunity gap and help your puppy grow up with the good health. That’s why PRO PLAN®DOG contains OPTISTART™, a balanced combination of nutrients that specifically targets the needs of puppies. Like you, we want our dogs to get the best out of their puppyhood, and that starts with the food they eat.

If you want to know more, you can ask your vet for dog health advice.



Yes, the range structure has been changed to better meet the needs of dog owners and make it easier to find the right product for your dog.


The range will now be divided by dog size:

– Small & Mini (dog weight 1-10kg)

– Medium (dog weight 10-25kg)

– Large (dog weight 25kg +)


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