Treating their Itchy Skin

Treating their Itchy Skin

What should I do if my dog won’t stop scratching?

If your dog is frequently scratching or itching, there could be an underlying cause like fleas, grass, pollens, mould or dust. It could also be dietary related, with an intolerance to certain foods often resulting in these symptoms.

What makes my dog scratch?

A common cause of scratching is fleas. So thoroughly check your dog’s coat and bed, and maintain a regular treatment plan all year round.

Dry, itchy skin can also be caused by harsh shampoos or excessive bathing. That’s why it’s important to only bathe your dog when they look dirty or give off odour, and use a gentle product designed specifically for sensitive dogs.

Another common cause is food intolerance. When food intolerances occur, the immune system reacts abnormally to normally harmless ingredients such as chicken, beef, corn, soy and wheat. Excluding certain food triggers could help dog’s experiencing sensitivity.


Sensitive skin in dogs is often caused by intolerances to food


Does my dog have sensitive skin?

Your dog could have sensitive skin if it’s pink or red and feels hot to the touch. Other signs include inflammation, or dry and flaky skin similar to dandruff, excessive scratching, licking or hair loss. If you suspect your dog has sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to seek some advice from your local pet store, or visit your vet who can help identify the problem and recommend the best solution.

Relief is at hand

PRO PLAN Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach with OPTIRESTORE can help dogs with irritated skin and/or stomach issues recover. The scientifically developed formula includes high levels of key nutrients to encourage skin construction and repair.

It’s made with high quality natural ingredients including salmon and tuna, with nothing artificial added. Plus, it’s free of chicken, beef, wheat, soy and corn, so there’s no need to worry should your dog have a food intolerance or sensitivity. Add antioxidants to boost their immunity, and your dog should be back on the road to recovery in no time at all.

It also comes in a puppy formula – the only sensitive skin and stomach puppy food on the market.

A proven formula

As Australia’s only dual action product, PRO PLAN Sensitive Skin & Stomach with OPTIRESTORE could help restore your dog’s skin and stomach. In fact, 82% of dog owners who trialled the product saw an improvement in their dog’s health within just six weeks.*

Switching dog foods

Although you will be keen to see the difference PRO PLAN can make in your dog, please allow seven to ten days to ease this transition from their current food. Each day simply feed a little less of the previous food and a little more of PRO PLAN until you are feeding PRO PLAN exclusively. A gradual transition will help avoid any dietary upsets.

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Yes, they may have been adjusted slightly according to each new formula. In addition, for more precision, different levels of dog activity and related feeding guidelines have been introduced.

These new feeding guidelines are clearly shown on the new PRO PLAN Dog packs.

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